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Purchase option contract for house sculpture loft

On the property in the La Mola a building sculpture with 3 buildings was built by the artist Dieter Liedtke which mixes the culture enterprise with the housing units. Within this complex of buildings, the largest apartment or terrace house of the cultural complex is located in house B, which the artist has inhabited himself so far. Currently, the terrace house is being renovated and will then be sold for 1.8 million euros.

The apartment 17 A is very quietly situated and does not hear any noise or other disturbances from the museum and the restaurant area.

The building includes a restaurant, a museum, a gallery and a seminar room and a community pool.
in the building Art Forum property- (are 3 buildings A, B and C) in Calle Olivera 35, Port d’ Andratx, 07157 built. In building B the buyer acquires a property on floor 2 a loft terrace house.

(N de Finca: 28096, al folio 74 del tomo 5878 del archivo, libro 607 de Andratx. IDUFIR: 07032000457815; Propiedad: Art Forum SL; CIF: B07300932) 

The purchase price for the above designated property is 1.800.000€

As a purchase option is agreed 10% (180.000 €) are requiered.
The option money of the real estate is to be transferred by the option taker within 21 days after conclusion of the contract to the account of the option giver indicated below. The option has a term of 3 months from the beginning of the contract and expires without replacement after this date of its validity.
The notarial deed of sale of the real estate will be concluded within these 3 months with the simultaneous registration in the property register in the name indicated by the buyer. The real estate will be handed over free of encumbrances, taxes, community charges and mortgages. The paid option money will be credited to the purchase price.

All agreed payments are to be made to the account of Art Forum SL at La Caixa Bank, 07157 Port d’ Andratx to the following account:
IBAN:ES36 2100 1390 4002 0012 2307

The energy certificate and the cadastral number is available
Verbal agreements have not been made, they require a written agreement to be legally valid.

Spanish law is agreed upon and Palma de Mallorca as place of jurisdiction.
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The contract is between

Art Forum SL – as option giver and owner of the property 17 A in C/ Olivera 35 in 07157 Port d’ Andratx represented by Dieter Walter Liedtke with NIE: Xo362514B with residency in Port  d’ Andratx at Calle Olivera 35, Mallorca, Spain.


You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period shall expire 14 calendar days after the day of conclusion of the contract.

House sculpture loft

N de Finca: 28096, al folio 74 del tomo 5878 del archivo, libro 607 de Andratx. IDUFIR: 07032000457815 Propiedad: Art Forum SL CIF: B07300932