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Works of art and stocks create new wealth across the population

Buying art with guarantees and returns.Art and shares in combination bring security and increase returns. 

Buy and sell online from home, from anywhere: works of art with real estate shares as a promotional gift for the real estate peace project “Globalpeace Campus” in Moixent / Valencia and earn a good and ethically justified income online.

The purchase of works of art by the inventor Dieter Walter Liedtke, with the art-historical Artinvest certificate A-AA, bring an average of 1100% profit in 30 years as well as with the purchase of the artwork direct returns, through one allocated to promote the construction of the Globalpeace campus Free real estate shares package.

The artist, inventor, philosopher and book author of numerous new research results from his innovative works of art Dieter Walter Liedtke (media, art historian and museum director refer to him as the successor to Leonardo da Vinci), founder of the Liedtke Museum and the Avantgarde Gallery in Port d’ Andratx, Mallorca has decided for the first time to sell part of his art-historically significant works for the realization of the Globalpeace campus he designed in Moixent / Valencia-Spain and to win comrades-in-arms for a global peace between the religions with the share packages of the Globalpeace campus.

Sightseeing event with business lunch

Programme of the business event:

  • 13:00
    Prosecco Orange Juice Reception in the Bistro Codigo Universo  at Liedtke Museum
  • 13:30
    Lecture about works of art and your returns from the artist and new Leonardo – Dieter Walter Liedtke as well as about the real estate project of the corporation Globalpeace Campus with short film presentation of the real estate catalog “Globalpeace Campus” and the book “Art formula – art puzzle solved” as well as the “Artinvest report” on yield guarantees for works of art in the languages Es, De, En (PDF download).
  • Tapas and drinks
  • 15:00-16:30
    A great independent income: Answers to questions about the project of: Online world improvers with good income (in Spanish, English, German with an interpreter).

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Free entry

For real estate investors and art lovers:

Reservations in Corona Times

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