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Exhibition of the New Renaissance i = E = MC2

Expected visitors 300,000 in 100 days and 500 million virtual users per year.

Co-organizer, cost bearer and management: Fundacion Liedtke
– Transport and insurance of the approximately 300 Liedtke works
– Loan of the works
– Restoration of the Liedtke works
– Curator of the exhibition
– Catalog Draft
– Catalog PDF EN + national language
– Catalog Print EN + national language
– Exhibition app virtual visit in 103 languages
– Guided tour and exhibition app of the 100 most important works of the museum with the art formula (in 103 languages)
– ” New Renaissance” TV talk show in the capital of the country (with recording)
– “Mar” concert event in a concert hall of the country (with recording)
– Integration of the museum’s works into the exhibition
– 5 press conferences 1 exhibition contract/ 2 exhibition opening art formula /
3 Music “Mar”/ 4 Talk Show “New Renaissance
– Cinema documentary: Art & Research, Health and Future (103 minutes)
– SEO Marketing International
– International A celebrities
– Inter-National Sponsorship Acquisition
– Inter-National Fundraising
– Copyright of the exhibition and its concept Organization of the Extra-Exhibition Innnovations of the History of Societies in the City of the Exhibiting Museum

Fundacion Liedtke Co-organizer financing from 100% income
– International sponsors acquisition
– International fundraising
– Broadcasting rights and rental fees for films and documentaries
– Licenses for rights of use of the exhibition
– SEO Marketing International

Museum/co-organizer and cost bearer
– Exhibition space
– PR. Staff
– Organization of press conferences
– Cooperation with other museums
– Organization of the concert hall
– Organization of the Talk Show
– SEO Marketing National
– National A celebrities
– National sponsor acquisition
– National fundraising
– Organization and insurance of the museum’s own works (10 to 100)
– Restoration of the museum’s own works
– Loan fees for the museum’s own works
– Photographic material, description and graphics according to the art formula on museum-owned works for catalogs and apps

Museum co-organizer financing from 100% of income
-National sponsorships
-National donations
-Restaurant sales at the museum
-Revenue from national SEO marketing

Split of possible profits – 50/50
Admission fees – approx. 300 000 visitors
Machandaseng per visitor – approx. 2,80€
Sales of the 2 apps of the virtual exhibition and catalogs nationally

Please write the wanted dates of the exhibition. More information by phone +34 971 673635 / e-mail:
Please tick the desired exhibition period and geographical area. Your data is secret and will not be shared, sold, or advertised, but only used for the global distribution of Sovereign Direct Democracy, the free health app for all people as well as for the Globalpeace Campus Peace Center to give you access information to create an Ethical Capitalism with a new and better world.

Your data is confidential and will not be shared,sold or provided with advertising, but only used for the global dissemination of Sovereign Direct Democracy, the free health app for all people and for the Globalpeace Campus Peace Center with indoor cookies to provide you with access information to create an Ethical Capitalism with a new and better world. 

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period shall expire 14 calendar days after the day of conclusion of the contract.

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