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The Sovereign Coin

TSG Crypto Coin is backed by artwork

TSG Crypto Coin is backed by artwork

The Sovereign Global Trust will issue 100 billion Sovereign Coins (TSG Coins) in the denomination of 1 TSG Coin equals 1 Euro to build and expand a new ethical world.

100% of the net proceeds of the “Sovereign Coins” sold will be used to build:
⦁ the global direct democracy “The Sovereign”.
⦁ the “Globalpeace Campus” peace centers and
⦁ the health app “aimeim”.

Sovereign Coins can be generated by making objective (innovative) artworks and Innovative art co-world ideas from the people or from the owners of the artworks themselves by exchanging them for Sovereign Coins and contribute to their wealth.

The artworks that are included in the Sovereign art collection of the art open Museum from ownership or production must be objectively and scientifically evident by an “Artinvest appraisal” with innovations AAA. AA or A artwork, the value of which is expressed in the certificate in “Sovereign Coins”.

The freedom, creativity, health and prosperity of the populations, cannot be siphoned off for the first time by the ruling systems. The cultural value of the Sovereign Trust art work collection generated in the population through art works will be separated and combined in the “Sovereign Art Collection Trust.

The value of the TSG Coins is expanded worldwide through the sale of art, art auctions and the prices achieved for objective artworks that cannot be produced at will and their increases in value since the TSG Coin is the first medium of exchange for artworks of quality (from 1985 to 2015, prices for artworks produced from 1945 onwards developed by an average of 1100% determined in 5 million auctions and 700 auction houses).

When the prices of artworks rise, the imaginary coupling of the Sovereign Coin with art results in the Sovereign Coin price rising with the artworks). The Sovereign Coin has a particularly high future potential of the liberty and supplements the environmental and Mitwelt markets of a direct democracy again developing by the ethical capitalism.

The freedom of the citizens:
Thus, the Sovereign Coin is a new self-generating cultural asset and a work of art secured medium of exchange that finances art and artists without government assistance or gallery dependencies, promotes creativity, health, education and democracy, as well as through innovations the prosperity in the populations and also guarantees the “freedom of the Sovereign Coin” by the laws in British Virgin Island according to the laws of the “TSG Coin issuing country” system immanent.

For security: direct democracy, freedom, peace and the prosperity of all people.

TSG Coin Order contract
Between the non-profit foundation “Fundacion Liedtke” Cif: ES 653012460
in C/Olivera 35 / 0751 Port d’ Andratx, Mallorca, Spain
Tel: +34 626 563 791 E Mail: as sales agent of “The Sovereign Global Trust” (in formation) Virgin Island represented by the Fundacion Chairman: Dieter Liedtke NIE: X04362514B

Please transfer the purchase price of the TSG Coins to the account of the non-profit Fundacion Liedtke in Port d’ Andratx Mallorca, which will gladly forward 100% of your purchase to “The Sovereign Global Trust” without any administrative or other fees.

The Trust will confirm your purchase of the TSG Coins and immediately send you the reserved and ordered Sovereign “TSG Coins” after generation in the secure blockchain process.

The purchase price of the artwork, please transfer to the account of the non-profit Fundacion Liedtke in Port d’ Andratx, Mallorca which will gladly transfer 100% of the purchase to the companies Globalpeace Campus INC or to aimeim PLC without administrative or other fees deduction.

Bank details for transfers
Account holder: Charitable Fundacion Liedtke -La Caixa Port d’ Andratx-
IBAN: ES 17 2100 1390 4902 0017 6625
Swift: CAIXESBB652

Verbal agreements have not been made, they require a written agreement to be legally effective. The offer, purchase and sale of TSG Coins is governed by the laws of British Virgin Island (BVI) and the place of jurisdiction is Road Town in BVI.

Your data is confidential and will not be shared,sold or provided with advertising, but only used for the global dissemination of Sovereign Direct Democracy, the free health app for all people and for the Globalpeace Campus Peace Center with indoor cookies to provide you with access information to create an Ethical Capitalism with a new and better world. 

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period shall expire 14 calendar days after the day of conclusion of the contract.

Click to download the Artinvest Catalogue
Click to download the Artinvest Catalogue